B’nai Portland Creative Services are offered. These certainly are not anything like the services your grandparents attended. Here are a few examples of our creative services:

  • Creative Shabbat Services: The services are often led entirely by B’nai Portland Hebrew School students. The students study most of the year learning the prayers and interpreting their meaning. Sharing their ideas with those who attend. You can usually count on a pot-luck Kiddush afterwards that the kids organize.
  • Simchat Torah: We celebrate the annual cycle of public Torah readings and the beginning of a new cycle. At the end of Simchat Torah we traditionally enjoy enlisting attendees to help us unroll the entire Torah scroll start-to-finish and let it encircle the congregation completely.
  • Purim: We read from the book of Esther and enjoy some childrens’ theater about the story.
  • Sukkot: A sukkah is put up outside our class space by volunteers and weather permitting, classes are held in the sukkah.
  • Passover Chocolate Seder: Our most popular service of the year. Easy to see why.  A real seder done in all chocolate. Open to kids and adults.
  • Chanukah: Our annual Chanukah party is full of games, crafts, holiday snacks, dreidel, and we close with a group menorah lighting.