We love to hold holiday celebrations. Here are just some examples of how we celebrate different holidays.

  • Chanukah: Annual Chanukah Chappening party when we gather to play dredel, do arts and crafts, and hold a Yankee swap.
  • Chocolate Passover Seder: Celebrating Passover with a chocolate seder has become one of our most popular events. We gather together to read the Exodus story accompanied by not-so traditional versions of traditional rituals. Like a chocolate Passover plate, a chocolate bone (z’roa), chocolate eggs (beyzah), bitter chocolate pieces (maror), apples dipped in chocolate syrup (karpas), chocolate chip mortar (charoset), chocolate milk (chalav ha-shokolad), chocolate covered matzah and an orange (you need to attend to find out why we include an orange).
  • Sukkot: For Sukkot we build and decorate a Sukkah outside the Hebrew School classroom and weather permitting, we even hold class outside.
  • Tu B’shevat: We’ve held Tu B’shevat seders where we celebrate the all tree’s collective “birthday” by eating traditional tree-fruits. We are nut-sensitive and adjust this event to any food allergies.