The Hebrew School was how B’nai Portland got its start in 2009. Education will continue to be a core for B’nai Portland as we continue to expand our support and offerings to the Jewish community of southern Maine. We offer classes for grades 2 through B’nai Mitzvah. Classes meet once a week for an hour. We offer several times throughout the week and we will work with you to determine a class day and time to fit your family schedule.

Curriculum overview – each child and group are different

  • 2nd Grade: Hebrew, Jewish Holidays and calendar part 1, Principals of Social Justice.
  • 3rd Grade: Hebrew, Hebrew Calendar part 2, Genealogy, Start Social Justice Book, Torah.
  • 4th Grade: Hebrew, Social Justice Book, Torah more in depth.
  • 5th Grade: Hebrew-more focus on prayer and root words, work towards leading a Friday night creative service, finish Social Justice Book, start intro to Torah book.
  • 6th Grade: Hebrew and prayers, Torah book, pre-Bar/Bat mitzvah.
  • 7th Grade: Study for Bar/Bat Mitzvah in a group or 1 on 1.