Adulthood into Judaism, or becoming Bar/Bat Mitzvah is a rite of passage. We believe strongly that no one should be denied the opportunity to express their commitment to adult Jewish living and we will work to make that possible. They learn as much of the Shabbat service as possible. This allows them to be able to participate in a service anywhere in the world. B’nai Portland always wants this process in a child’s life to be fun, positive and rewarding.

  • Preparation is offered for children as they approach Bar/Bat Mitzvah age, as well as any age thereafter. Students with special needs are encouraged and welcomed to come to Torah.
  • Students learn as many Aliyot (sections of Torah) as the family desires, usually a minimum of 3, made up of 3-5 individual lines of Torah.*
  • Students will study their Torah portion in English, discussing the characters of the story, the lessons we are to glean from the passages, and ultimately will write a D’var (Torah commentary) to share at their service.
  • Programs are customized to the individual’s learning ability, Hebrew reading proficiency and other factors.
  • Families are free to arrange service and reception venues at locations they choose.  B’nai Portland can provide some guidance to help families with their selections.