Food Drive DROP-OFF Locations

Here are the drop-off locations for your Rosh Hashannah food donations for Youth Full Maine.

Youth Full Maine provides nourishing food for children and their families in York County who are food-insecure. YFM manages food pantries in pre-K through 12th grade schools, and regular fresh produce distributions at schools, neighborhood sites, and summer lunch program sites. All food is available for children or their guardians to take home for the evenings, weekends, and school breaks

B’nai Portland believes in coming together to help others in need. We strive to be a pillar in the Portland community for social justice, standing for racial equality, same-sex and sexual identity freedoms, and other justice concerns. We are always on the lookout for additional social action efforts in which we can assist. B’nai Portland takes pride in our social action and justice work, which we see as Tikkun Olam—our Jewish imperative to repair the world—and we hope that you will join the cause.

Social Justice

The Hebrew School students are encouraged to give tzedakah money throughout the school year. It doesn’t matter how much they bring, it’s that they bring. Watching the money pail fill up as the year progresses excites the kids.  At the end of each year those who participate get to vote on 2 charities that will share the year’s donations. In the past B’nai Portland has donated to: